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Closed Beta Patch Rundown!


Welcome to the second round of closed beta! There are a number of updates we've made since the last round three weeks ago. We watched a TON of games and identified updates to improve your Superfighting experience. Now you can better focus on arguing. Get to it (after you read this)!

Most of our changes were focused on improving communication in game. We wanted to make things clearer and give you more control of how you talk to other players. You'll see these changes mostly in the video feeds.

Secondly, we improved how the game tells you when certain things are happening (or why). You'll see more messaging as well as updated tool tips.

Without further ado, here's what we changed:

Getting games started: If you can't find a game lobby, we help you create one... getting that party started.

Clearer communication: We added an effect that indicates when a player is talking. This in particular will help when a player without a webcam is speaking.

Mute buttons: We added Mute buttons to each video feed. This allows you to mute yourself and other players.

Hide Webcam improvement: The "Hide own webcam" button was meant to help a broadcaster control what's seen on their stream. We realized it needed to hide video from other players as well - it does now. Please, you'll still need pants.

Twitch Chat: a number of improvements in how we communicate game information.

·         Vote prompts were spammy. We reduced the amount of vote reminders and tuned it to adjust against the size of a broadcaster's audience.

·         We now call out the Vote Lord in Twitch chat

Timing: there were a number of times things felt slow so we reduced animation time in a few places and reworked the flow to speed things up.

·         Revealing cards: we made this faster and reworked the reveal to happen during the starting countdown.

·         Vote time: we reduced the time for players to vote.

Get Set: Settings are now accessible during gameplay.

Video Feeds: We made fixes that address individuals being unable to see each other in game.

Twitch Bot: our bot disconnects are detected more accurately.

Tool Tips: updates and edits were made to more clearly describe functionality of buttons as well as phases of gameplay.

Lag Indicator: If Superfight detects issues with a connection, it will now indicate it.

Who wins?! We've clarified why players win in special circumstances.

That's it! There are other small changes and tweaks that we've done throughout the SUPERFIGHT, but this covers the major ones. The team has been hard at work on fixes, updates, and improvements to the game. We can't wait for you to see it all.

Have an awesome beta!

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