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Monday Matchup: Flying Fainting Goat Armed With An Infinite Sausage Lasso


Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting one of our personal favorites, the Flying Fainting Goat Armed With An Infinite Sausage Lasso.

Taken separately, the components of this combination don't seem very threatening. Sure, goats have unnerving square pupils, and their screams can sound uncannily like a human being murdered, but the Fainting Goat is known best for its go-to defensive tactic: Falling over like a sack of narcoleptic meat and hoping it doesn't look too delicious. That's not likely to intimidate anyone over the age of four, but when you consider the other components here, a dangerous beast comes into clear focus.

Picture this: You're walking down the street, looking at your phone, when you bump into something warm and slightly moist. You glance up and notice a delicious, plump sausage hanging at mouth-height in front of your face. Realizing that you haven't eaten in minutes, you go to take a bite from the mysterious, hovering snack, only to have dozens of additional sausages quickly loop around your neck. You gasp, and manage to let out a muffled cry before looking up, just in time to see a catatonic goat dragging you bodily into the air.

You mother always warned you not to eat sausages you find floating in the air. Now you know why.

For more on SUPERFIGHT's meat-wielding livestock, take a look at our latest teaser: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J1Z6OwOTKi4


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