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Monday Matchup: Mad Scientist Armed With A Jetpack And A Shark On A Chain


Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting a combination that combines brains, brawn, and multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth: A Mad Scientist Armed With A Jetpack And A Shark On A Chain.

They say that sharks are nature's most perfect killing machine. For millennia, they've ruled the seas, devouring anything or anyone foolish enough to step foot into the water. The best defense against a shark is usually just avoiding the sea, but sometimes that's not an option. Sometimes a crazy genius drags one of these deadly creatures onto land, attaches a chain to its butt, and starts swinging the voracious hunter around like a hungry morning star.

Picture this: You're relaxing, maybe enjoying a sunny day, far from the nearest body of water. The last thing you're concerned about is being bitten in half. Then, faintly in the distance, you hear a rumbling. It draws closer and you spot an odd shadow from overhead. Before you can react, a disheveled man in a lab coat swoops into view on a plume of hot jet exhaust. You try to gasp in shock, but the moment you open your mouth it's slapped shut by a flying dorsal fin. You turn to run, but the shark takes one massive chomp and suddenly you've got no legs.

As you begin to pass out from this impromptu femur removal, you look up and silently ask the mad scientist, "Why?" He turns to you, laughs an especially crazy laugh, and says, "Grant money, of course! Sharks don't grow on trees ... yet."

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