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SUPERFIGHT Lead Designer Amor Estandian Talks Closed Beta 2


After five days of arguments over the comparative fighting skills of Jack Bauer and attendees of the Coachella music festival (some of whom may be elderly and/or trapped in a flood of molasses), the second SUPERFIGHT closed beta came to an end late last night. To see how the test panned out, I tracked down SUPERFIGHT lead designer Amor Estandian to discuss his thoughts on the beta and plans for the game going forward.

Earnest Cavalli, Pipeworks Community Specialist: How do you think the beta went?

Amor Estandian, SUPERFIGHT Lead Designer: I think the beta went great! We got a lot of new people in who weren’t in the last beta, which is very useful in getting different perspectives on it.

It went great! There were a lot of people streaming, a lot of people watching and voting, and some great feedback has come across our forums and in Twitch chat as well as tweets. There’s been a lot of great responses across all of those mediums.

Earnest: Great! That brings me to my second question: What, specifically, did we learn from the beta?

Amor: What, specifically, did we learn? Uh, we learned that people want to get into games faster, mostly those that just finished a game. I’d say the largest thing people wanted was a “Replay” or “Rematch”-type feature – which I’m sure you’ve seen.

Earnest: I just saw a thing in the Steam forums about that.

Amor: Yeah, it was said a lot in streams throughout the weekend, so that’s a thing that we’re looking at prioritizing. While I don’t have an exact time for that, it’s something that we want to get in for players.

Earnest: Nice! In addition to that, are there any other changes planned based on the stuff we’ve learned in this beta?

Amor:  Yeah, there’s a few things I can talk about. There are a lot of timing things; trying to make sure SUPERFIGHT moves quickly. There are a lot of improvements to how we message things to players. We hope to be more clear in explaining how and why things happen in the game.

And then there’s some general quality of life things, where we improve and optimize player connection issues. Or sometimes a Twitch bot would disconnect, causing votes to not be tracked. It only happened a few times, but it’s proof that we should be focused on optimization, improving connectivity, and adding more and more polish across the board.

Earnest: Last question: Final thoughts on the beta?

Amor: It would have been nice to get more people in, but what I have found is that of everyone who played and people who were there throughout the weekend, there was a lot of overwhelmingly good responses, people enjoying the game, enjoying the Twitch integration, enjoying the voice chat support.

[Those are features] we weren’t sure how people would respond to, as I told you personally. It was a question mark. Those that played it, I think, loved it. One thing a lot of players thought before jumping into the game was that they may not like it, but a lot of people realized that the Twitch features and voice chat add a lot to playing the game live. The thing I kept hearing from people who played it was, “I didn’t think I was going to like it, but once I got in, it was great!”

My personal thought is, if it seems scary or different, just try it!

Earnest: Surprise final bonus question: One of the main things people keep saying to me in the forums is, “We love playing SUPERFIGHT, but when can we play with more than four players?”


Earnest: Anything you can tell us about that?

Amor: We are currently looking at how we can support more players. I can’t say any more, but it’s something we as a team want to do, but first we need to be sure on a technical level that it’s possible. Once we know that, we’d have to move things around to compensate for more players, or maybe add a new gametype, because the way SUPERFIGHT works now, it’s tightly built around four players.

If we go with more players – which is what we want to do – I think we’ll have to examine how that impacts the whole game.

While the second SUPERFIGHT beta has come to an end, we are planning a third beta test which will run from July 1 through July 4. Learn more here, and sign up for a beta key using this link. To stay up to date on all things SUPERFIGHT, follow us on Twitter and Facebook

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