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The SUPERFIGHT Super Tournament Starts July 29


What better way to welcome SUPERFIGHT into the world than with a massive, 16-player tournament?

On July 29, we kick off the SUPERFIGHT Super Tournament! We've invited some of our favorite Twitch personalities -- including Swiftor, Dodger from Dexteritybonus, and Cryaotic, just to name a few -- to throw down against one another in a war of words to determine who is the true master debater. 

Not only are our intrepid word warriors battling for ultimate bragging rights, they're also vying for a piece of a $10,000 prize pool AND the opportunity to create their own DLC Micro Deck for SUPERFIGHT!

For more information, and up to date brackets, visit superfight.tv! 

Superfight Tournament Social Media Image Final BW 800x400.png

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