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Third SUPERFIGHT closed beta starts July 1


Though it ends tonight at 11PM Pacific, our second SUPERFIGHT closed beta has been a massive success. Players keep telling us how much they’re enjoying the game, and asking when we’re going to hold another beta test. Well, you asked for it, so we’re giving it to you.

We’re kicking off a third SUPERFIGHT closed beta, starting on July 1 at 9AM PDT, and ending on July 4 at 11PM PDT. 

Don’t worry, everyone who has enjoyed SUPERFIGHT during our first two betas will automatically have a spot in the third beta. Fire up the game during the third beta period just as you have been doing, and you're in. If you have yet to try SUPERFIGHT, this third beta is another excellent chance to see why so many streamers are falling in love with our game. Simply visit superfightlive.com, and click the “Sign Up For Closed Beta” button. An email will be sent before the start of the next beta on July 1.

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