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  1. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting a card combination from the new Anime Deck 2 DLC: An adorable robot with tentacles and a giant sword! When you think "anime," what comes to mind? Adorable humanoid machines? Unwieldy melee weapons? Squamous tentacles with unwholesome intentions? Whatever you're imagining, today's card combination has you covered! Don't be fooled by those puppy dog eyes, this bio-technological monstrosity is a killer to its metal core. Try to dodge that wicked, Sephirothian blade -- which, thanks to anime rules, is probably possessed by a demon, or constantly thirsting for human blood -- and you'll find yourself enveloped in a squirming, probing mass of tentacles. And let's not forget that there's a synthetic mind operating all of these weapon system. That sword is being swung with unerring aim and all the power of cutting-edge hydraulic actuators. It can't be bargained with. It can't be reasoned with. It doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop ... ever, until you are dead!
  2. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting a combination that includes America's 14th President, a legion of the Arctic's most deadly flightless birds, and arms barely long enough to reach a stove-top hat: It's Abe Lincoln Leading an Army of Peguins with Tiny T-Rex arms! As a leader of the American people, Abe Lincoln earned a reputation as a wise, compassionate President who's name would be etched into our nation's historic tapestry. As a leader of deadly penguins, however, Abe Lincoln is a killing machine. Endless nature documentaries may have given you the false impression that penguins are nature's docile, tuxedo-clad pals. If you're ever trapped in the arctic, you might try befriending one of them, hoping its downy fluff might keep you warm against the elements. One moment you're snuggling up to a loudly squawking bird, and the next, it has confused your nose for a fish and chomped the thing clean off. Now, imagine that unsettling scene playing out a million times over. Dozens of penguins coming at you from every angle, while a man in an ominous stove-top hat looks on, laughing a bucolic laugh, and rubbing his tiny claws together menacingly. You struggle to recall the section of the Gettysburg Address that mentions murdering people with penguins, but before you can curse yourself for skipping so many high school history classes, the battle is over. The penguins stand victorious, Abe Lincoln looks on with fatherly pride, and opens his mouth to speak: "The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here."
  3. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting a combination that combines brains, brawn, and multiple rows of razor-sharp teeth: A Mad Scientist Armed With A Jetpack And A Shark On A Chain. They say that sharks are nature's most perfect killing machine. For millennia, they've ruled the seas, devouring anything or anyone foolish enough to step foot into the water. The best defense against a shark is usually just avoiding the sea, but sometimes that's not an option. Sometimes a crazy genius drags one of these deadly creatures onto land, attaches a chain to its butt, and starts swinging the voracious hunter around like a hungry morning star. Picture this: You're relaxing, maybe enjoying a sunny day, far from the nearest body of water. The last thing you're concerned about is being bitten in half. Then, faintly in the distance, you hear a rumbling. It draws closer and you spot an odd shadow from overhead. Before you can react, a disheveled man in a lab coat swoops into view on a plume of hot jet exhaust. You try to gasp in shock, but the moment you open your mouth it's slapped shut by a flying dorsal fin. You turn to run, but the shark takes one massive chomp and suddenly you've got no legs. As you begin to pass out from this impromptu femur removal, you look up and silently ask the mad scientist, "Why?" He turns to you, laughs an especially crazy laugh, and says, "Grant money, of course! Sharks don't grow on trees ... yet."
  4. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting a combination that seems adorable but can quickly prove deadly: Three Children Wearing An Overcoat, Riding A Pigeon, And Wielding Slothchuks. Most dangers in SUPERFIGHT are fairly obvious. You're right to be wary of depressed Polar Bears and heavily-armed former Presidents. But sometimes, the most terrifying card combinations are also the most adorable. Anyone who spent their formative years watching sitcoms will recognize that there are very few reasons why three children would pile on top of each other's shoulders and don an overcoat. Clearly they're trying to pass as a single, lumpy adult, but why? To get into an R-rated movie? To rent a carpet shampooer? No, the reality is much more sinister. These youngsters have realized that by seemingly multiplying their size and age, not only will they intimidate their opponents, but they can also call on allies from the animal kingdom. The pigeon, usually too busy scavenging from dumpsters to bother with the affairs of humans, serves as a noble, flying steed, ferrying the kids anywhere in the world while raining down droppings like a disgusting B-52 bomber. See the blissful look on that sloth's face? The lil' fella is clearly having a blast as a living weapon! While a sloth's claws are most often used to pluck delicate leaves and strip bark from tropical trees, they're equally at home buried in the ruined flesh of anyone foolish enough to think, "Aw! I wanna pet the cute sloth!"
  5. What better way to welcome SUPERFIGHT into the world than with a massive, 16-player tournament? On July 29, we kick off the SUPERFIGHT Super Tournament! We've invited some of our favorite Twitch personalities -- including Swiftor, Dodger from Dexteritybonus, and Cryaotic, just to name a few -- to throw down against one another in a war of words to determine who is the true master debater. Not only are our intrepid word warriors battling for ultimate bragging rights, they're also vying for a piece of a $10,000 prize pool AND the opportunity to create their own DLC Micro Deck for SUPERFIGHT! For more information, and up to date brackets, visit!
  6. After months of wildly successful beta tests and hilarious live streams starring a laundry list of fan-favorite Twitch personalities, Pipeworks Studio and 505 Games are proud to announce that SUPERFIGHT is now available on Steam! Based on the hit card game of ludicrous arguments created by Darin Ross, SUPERFIGHT offers word warriors and master debaters the chance to match wits with opponents from all over the world. Using cutting-edge streaming technology, SUPERFIGHT offers real-time voice and video chat for up to four players, while allowing games to be broadcast via Twitch with no additional programs or devices. More than just entertaining stream fodder, SUPERFIGHT thrives on audience participation. While watching the stream, viewers can determine a winner by voting for the best, most hilarious, most creative argument. Along with the satisfaction of supporting the finest orators on the internet, each vote earns experience points which are automatically applied to a voter’s SUPERFIGHT account, whether they own the game or not. Planning to buy SUPERFIGHT down the road? Get in there and vote, and you’ll automatically unlock a host of cards the moment you create your account. At launch, each copy of SUPERFIGHT will include the 400-card Core Deck, alongside the Purple and Blue Decks, which add an additional 100 locations and 100 scenarios to the myriad combinations present in the base game. Those looking to expand SUPERFIGHT even further, will see five additional DLC decks available for purchase at launch, including the geek culture-themed Orange Deck, the risque Red Deck, the Digital Deck – which is exclusive to the Steam version of SUPERFIGHT -- the Twitch-centric Mindcrack Deck, and The Walking Dead Deck, which should be immediately familiar to fans of Robert Kirkman’s hit comic book series and its wildly successful TV adaptation. SUPERFIGHT officially debuts on July 21 at a price of $9.99, but we’re celebrating the launch by slashing 10 percent off the purchase price for one week. Purchase SUPERFIGHT by July 27, and the game’s only $8.99. For more information on SUPERFIGHT, visit the game’s official website at and add SUPERFIGHT to your Steam Wishlist. For up-to-the-minute news and updates on all things SUPERFIGHT, follow us on Twitter @superfightlive and @pipeworksstudio.
  7. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting an immensely powerful combination of cards prone to causing madness and unexpected lightning strikes: Cthulhu Riding A Pegasus While Wielding Mjolnir. "The Thing cannot be described -- there is no language for such abysms of shrieking and immemorial lunacy, such eldritch contradictions of all matter, force, and cosmic order." That's how author H.P. Lovecraft described Cthulhu, his most famous, unknowable monstrosity, but for all the horrors that Lovecraft conjured up, he could never have imagined this combination of cards. Not only is Ol' Tentacle Face armed with the inherent ability to cause unending madness and suffering among anyone foolish enough to even glance in its direction, but Cthulhu has also borrowed a page from Thor by equipping the legendary hammer Mjolnir! Now, it's not the insanity and extra-dimensional geometries you have to worry about, it's being struck by lightning and smashed into paste while you're busy trying to keep your mind from collapsing. "I'll run from the madness and electrical death," you think, patting yourself on the back for such a clever idea. "I'll run fast and far!" No sooner do you turn to flee, than Cthulhu is upon you again, poking you in the face with his tentacles and oozing all kinds of gross goo. There's nowhere to run from the majestic agility of Cthulhu's faithful Pegasus. As you succumb to madness, the last thing you hear are thunderous hoofbeats giving way to the heavy beating of giant wings, and a guttural, mocking exclamantion: "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn!"
  8. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting one of our personal favorites, the Flying Fainting Goat Armed With An Infinite Sausage Lasso. Taken separately, the components of this combination don't seem very threatening. Sure, goats have unnerving square pupils, and their screams can sound uncannily like a human being murdered, but the Fainting Goat is known best for its go-to defensive tactic: Falling over like a sack of narcoleptic meat and hoping it doesn't look too delicious. That's not likely to intimidate anyone over the age of four, but when you consider the other components here, a dangerous beast comes into clear focus. Picture this: You're walking down the street, looking at your phone, when you bump into something warm and slightly moist. You glance up and notice a delicious, plump sausage hanging at mouth-height in front of your face. Realizing that you haven't eaten in minutes, you go to take a bite from the mysterious, hovering snack, only to have dozens of additional sausages quickly loop around your neck. You gasp, and manage to let out a muffled cry before looking up, just in time to see a catatonic goat dragging you bodily into the air. You mother always warned you not to eat sausages you find floating in the air. Now you know why. For more on SUPERFIGHT's meat-wielding livestock, take a look at our latest teaser:
  9. After five days of arguments over the comparative fighting skills of Jack Bauer and attendees of the Coachella music festival (some of whom may be elderly and/or trapped in a flood of molasses), the second SUPERFIGHT closed beta came to an end late last night. To see how the test panned out, I tracked down SUPERFIGHT lead designer Amor Estandian to discuss his thoughts on the beta and plans for the game going forward. Earnest Cavalli, Pipeworks Community Specialist: How do you think the beta went? Amor Estandian, SUPERFIGHT Lead Designer: I think the beta went great! We got a lot of new people in who weren’t in the last beta, which is very useful in getting different perspectives on it. It went great! There were a lot of people streaming, a lot of people watching and voting, and some great feedback has come across our forums and in Twitch chat as well as tweets. There’s been a lot of great responses across all of those mediums. Earnest: Great! That brings me to my second question: What, specifically, did we learn from the beta? Amor: What, specifically, did we learn? Uh, we learned that people want to get into games faster, mostly those that just finished a game. I’d say the largest thing people wanted was a “Replay” or “Rematch”-type feature – which I’m sure you’ve seen. Earnest: I just saw a thing in the Steam forums about that. Amor: Yeah, it was said a lot in streams throughout the weekend, so that’s a thing that we’re looking at prioritizing. While I don’t have an exact time for that, it’s something that we want to get in for players. Earnest: Nice! In addition to that, are there any other changes planned based on the stuff we’ve learned in this beta? Amor: Yeah, there’s a few things I can talk about. There are a lot of timing things; trying to make sure SUPERFIGHT moves quickly. There are a lot of improvements to how we message things to players. We hope to be more clear in explaining how and why things happen in the game. And then there’s some general quality of life things, where we improve and optimize player connection issues. Or sometimes a Twitch bot would disconnect, causing votes to not be tracked. It only happened a few times, but it’s proof that we should be focused on optimization, improving connectivity, and adding more and more polish across the board. Earnest: Last question: Final thoughts on the beta? Amor: It would have been nice to get more people in, but what I have found is that of everyone who played and people who were there throughout the weekend, there was a lot of overwhelmingly good responses, people enjoying the game, enjoying the Twitch integration, enjoying the voice chat support. [Those are features] we weren’t sure how people would respond to, as I told you personally. It was a question mark. Those that played it, I think, loved it. One thing a lot of players thought before jumping into the game was that they may not like it, but a lot of people realized that the Twitch features and voice chat add a lot to playing the game live. The thing I kept hearing from people who played it was, “I didn’t think I was going to like it, but once I got in, it was great!” My personal thought is, if it seems scary or different, just try it! Earnest: Surprise final bonus question: One of the main things people keep saying to me in the forums is, “We love playing SUPERFIGHT, but when can we play with more than four players?” Amor: [LAUGHTER] Earnest: Anything you can tell us about that? Amor: We are currently looking at how we can support more players. I can’t say any more, but it’s something we as a team want to do, but first we need to be sure on a technical level that it’s possible. Once we know that, we’d have to move things around to compensate for more players, or maybe add a new gametype, because the way SUPERFIGHT works now, it’s tightly built around four players. If we go with more players – which is what we want to do – I think we’ll have to examine how that impacts the whole game. While the second SUPERFIGHT beta has come to an end, we are planning a third beta test which will run from July 1 through July 4. Learn more here, and sign up for a beta key using this link. To stay up to date on all things SUPERFIGHT, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
  10. Though it ends tonight at 11PM Pacific, our second SUPERFIGHT closed beta has been a massive success. Players keep telling us how much they’re enjoying the game, and asking when we’re going to hold another beta test. Well, you asked for it, so we’re giving it to you. We’re kicking off a third SUPERFIGHT closed beta, starting on July 1 at 9AM PDT, and ending on July 4 at 11PM PDT. Don’t worry, everyone who has enjoyed SUPERFIGHT during our first two betas will automatically have a spot in the third beta. Fire up the game during the third beta period just as you have been doing, and you're in. If you have yet to try SUPERFIGHT, this third beta is another excellent chance to see why so many streamers are falling in love with our game. Simply visit, and click the “Sign Up For Closed Beta” button. An email will be sent before the start of the next beta on July 1.
  11. Welcome to Monday Matchup, where we select one random combination of cards included with the digital version of SUPERFIGHT to give you a small taste of the sort of ludicrous creatures you'll be arguing for and against. Today, we're highlighting one of our personal favorites, the Polar Bear Riding a Centaur and Throwing Burritos. As the world's largest carnivorous land mammal, a polar bear is pretty intimidating on its own. Not only are they born with claws that can tear a moose in half and enough insulating fur and muscle to stop small arms fire, but they also have no fear of human beings and will happily eat everyone you love if given half the chance. When you combine that natural ferocity with the mobility of a centaur -- even an average centaur with bad knees -- the polar bear becomes an unstoppable engine of destruction. Those burritos, meanwhile, grant the polar bear a projectile attack that may seem minor, but when you consider the force at which a 12-foot bear can throw a thermos-sized bundle of beans, cheese, and various grilled vegetables, it becomes apparent that these are less filling culinary delights than unstoppable tortilla wraps of doom. Plus, all those carbs will go straight to your hips.
  12. Looking for a spot in the second SUPERFIGHT closed beta? Want to pick up some free DLC AND help out a good cause in the process? The latest Humble Bundle has you covered. Alongside a host of other great games and soundtracks -- "$366 worth of awesome stuff," as the website puts it -- available at the usual pay-what-you-want price, the new Humble Bundle offers access to the second SUPERFIGHT closed beta (scheduled for June 23 through June 27) and the free "Linker" micro deck DLC. As always, proceeds from this Humble Bundle will go toward charity, in this case the ESA Foundation, a philanthropic effort organized by the Entertainment Software Association that works to provide "scholarships to the next generation of industry innovators and support charitable organizations and schools that leverage entertainment software and technology to create meaningful opportunities for America’s youth." You can find more info and purchase the Bundle at the Humble Bundle website:
  13. If you’ve spent the past few months watching our weekly SUPERFIGHT streams, wondering when you’d get a chance to debate the merits of infinite sausage lassos and drunken former Presidents with friends for the amusement of internet strangers, today’s your lucky day! This morning, SUPERFIGHT, the digital version of Skybound’s hit card game of absurd arguments, entered closed beta testing. While the game is not yet widely available, anyone interested in trying SUPERFIGHT early (and helping us to squash any remaining bugs) can sign up for a free key by visiting Just click the black box on the right that reads, “Sign Up For Closed Beta,” then keep an eye on your inbox. Still on the fence? Not sure if you want to try SUPERFIGHT? Wondering how a game about loud, unruly arguments could possibly be fun? Take a look at this awesome stream we recorded just yesterday with special guest streamer Wootystyle:
  14. After streaming the digital version of SUPERFIGHT alongside our favorite Twitch personalities – archival footage can be found here, but the language is occasionally NSFW for anyone but game developers and longshoremen – we’re finally ready to open it up to the general public! We plan to host two closed beta tests in June, first from June 2 to June 6 and then again from June 23 to June 27. Using the player feedback generated by these tests, we’ll add a final coat of polish to SUPERFIGHT before it makes its official Steam debut on July 21. Earning a spot in the SUPERFIGHT beta is simple. Just sign up for the newsletter, then keep an eye out for your beta key. We’re also including a special bonus for beta testers: Everyone who helps us test SUPERFIGHT will receive an exclusive DLC deck of SUPERFIGHT cards at launch. While you wait for the beta test to start, be sure to tune in to our SUPERFIGHT streams every Wednesday and Friday at 2PM PDT. It’s a good chance to see how the game works, and to watch our developers and frequent special guests make fools of themselves for your entertainment.
  15. On March 14, Twitch, the world leader in streaming gameplay footage, announced a new initiative aimed at promoting the development of games that incorporate modern streaming video technology. Inspired by unique collective gameplay experiences such as Twitch Plays Pokemon, the streaming giant hopes developers will embrace the potential of audience interaction in their game designs. “In the last few years, we have seen a great deal of creativity in online interaction methods from the Twitch community, including Twitch Plays games, channel loyalty currencies, and subscriber tournaments, among many others,” said Brooke Van Dusen, Twitch’s Director of Game Developer Success. “However, these systems have always been external to the games broadcasters are playing. Stream First games by nature embrace these developments, incorporate features inspired by these creative concepts of Twitch community interaction, and bring about an entirely new genre of video game.” The poster child for this concept is Pipeworks’ own SUPERFIGHT, the digital incarnation of Darin Ross’ hit card game of outrageous arguments. Though at its core, SUPERFIGHT is a game about two people engaged in a duel of wits, the most impressive aspect of SUPERFIGHT lies in its ability to immediately engage viewers around the globe. Using a simple, intuitive interface, viewers cast votes for the best, most inspiring, most hilarious arguments, and are rewarded with both persistent in-game experience points, and the satisfaction of watching a player’s dreams of victory collapse in real-time. As a sterling example of Stream First game design, SUPERFIGHT took its first steps into the public limelight at the 2016 Game Developers Conference. Twitch kicked things off with a live demo of the game featuring Pipeworks Game Designer Amor Estandian alongside three popular Twitch personalities, Swiftor, PhallofPhariss, and DzLiveOnTwitch. If you didn’t catch it live, you can watch the match in its entirety on Twitch, and you can see the new Superfight trailer on YouTube. Additionally, SUPERFIGHT will be featured at the Twitch booth throughout GDC. If you’re attending the show, drop by booth #1224 in South Hall to see SUPERFIGHT in person.
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