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  1. SUPERFIGHT is now available for a massive 80% discount from its regular price of $9.99. Not only that, there’s also a 30% discount to all existing DLC; excluding the Horror & Election DLC which was just released. It has never been a better time to join in on a game of absurd arguments with friends! Most importantly, we’ve also released a free update which includes Classic Mode bringing the digital version of SUPERFIGHT closer than ever to its physical counterpart. With the addition of Classic Mode the game now supports up to 8 players, doubling the maximum number of players. Classic Mode's format is much closer to the physical version of Superfight: the winner of a round continues on to fight the next player. At game creation, players decide on how many round wins determine the game winner. With more players, and more traditional rules - this modes allows you to include more friends in a game and play the game in a way most are used to.
  2. Red Deck Two #4

  3. Red Deck Two #3

  4. Red Deck Two #2

  5. Red Deck Two #1

  6. Orange Deck Two #4

  7. Orange Deck Two #3

  8. Orange Deck Two #2

  9. Orange Deck Two #1

  10. Expansion One Deck #3

  11. Expansion One Deck #2

  12. Expansion 1 Deck

  13. The Challenge Deck

  14. The leaves are changing color, the sun is ducking behind the horizon earlier each day, and pumpkin spice flavoring has begun its annual infiltration into every food you love. It’s almost Fall, and we’re celebrating the changing of the seasons with a temporary changing of our prices. In other words, we’re hosting a free SUPERFIGHT weekend on Steam! From September 1st at 10AM PDT to September 5th at 10AM PDT, anyone with a Steam account will be able to download and try SUPERFIGHT, the game of absurd arguments, at no cost! This is your chance to not only check out SUPERFIGHT at no cost, but to also take a look at the new features we’ve added to the game, including the Challenge Deck game modifier, art gallery, and reworked tiebreaker system.
  15. Greetings, Superfighters! We're happy to announce that both the Anime and Expansion One DLC Decks will be available to purchase tomorrow morning at 8:00 AM PDT. Want to get a sneak peek of what's going to be available? Check it out below. Anime Deck: Expansion One Deck: You can find the Anime Deck here, as well as the Expansion One deck here. As always, if you have any feedback make sure to post our official community site (here), or the Steam forums.
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